About Us

We believe that "vendor" is a dirty word; companies hire us to be their development partner.

We are engineers at heart with a passion for creating mobile systems and applications. We like to solve problems and create solutions.

We work with our clients to build compelling Apps and Products that provide lasting excitement and value to their customer.

In this highly disruptive business landscape there is an ever increasing competition among organizations to stand out in the crowd and offer the most unique solution and services to their potential customers. CIOReview has been a pioneer of bringing forth these market leaders and present their unique selling propositions. Light Speed Mobile Labs has become one such robust leader who has been creating a major difference in the Enterprise Mobility arena. CIOReview is proud to make Light Speed Mobile Labs a part of the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility solution provider of 2017 who have the power to offer best-in-class solutions in this competitive landscape.

Abby Walters, CEO

Charlotte Evans, VP of Engineering
Our Promise

Understanding: We will seek to understand and advice you on what is best for you. Unfortunately, many companies only seek to increase their bottom lines. While we are all for being paid for the value we create, we will always give you our expert advice, even if it means less money for us.

Care: We care about the details, we care about timelines, we care about the integrity of your product/company, and we care about your users. We are constantly driving the project further. We will be the drivers of progress so that you can concentrate on running the other parts of your business.

Communication: We will have superb communication with you. We will always be reachable and we'll constantly keep you apprised of your project's progress. We are an open, flat organization where you can reach any of us at any time. The resources of the entire company will be at your disposal.

Differentiating Factors

At LightSpeedML, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by the unique value and unparalleled level of service that we deliver for our clients.


LightspeedML has engaged with multiple customers worldwide in offering point services as well as for developing end to end Innovative solutions in the areas of Telephony , Home Automation, Enterprise Apps & SmartTV solutions.